A leading public sector bank

Industry: BFSI

Team: 30-50 Members.

A major public sector bank with multiple branches was having difficulty managing inbound messages from its various social channels. It needed to discover a way to reply to clients on social media faster in a business where customer service is crucial. The bank needed to serve its customers twice as fast with less than half the effort!

UnoEngage Dashboard aided the customer service team in quickly filtering postings based on priority and sentiment, accessing posts across mediums through unified dashboards, and responding to customers with clicking macros.

Their Success with UnoBot

  • Real Time Engagement to respond to customer interactions in real time.
  • Collaborative workflows, in which work is automatically assigned to response agents, save time and effort for supervisors.
  • Intelligent Customer Engagement, in which response agents have access to a customer’s social media conversation history. This allows them to gain a better understanding of a customer’s background and hence have a more informed dialogue with them.
  • Analytics for Improved Performance, which helps a brand’s customer success manager track their team’s quality and efficiency