Oil and Gas Company

A Government entity overseeing the oil and gas industry

How an oil and gas company use a scalable digital strategy to increase social media engagement and create human connections cutting down first level response time from minutes to seconds.

  • Industry: Oil&Gas Company
  • Social media team size before: 50 Members
  • Social media team size after turning to UnoBot: 20 Members
  • Location: Maharashtra, India
  • Key product as a solution: UnoEngage


For their clients, the company had lofty goals. They came to UnoBot to help them better engage with their customers by starting a conversation with them to learn not just about their problems, but also about their needs and how to address them. The company needed technology that would enable them to boost response times and interaction with their most critical consumers.

  • To keep track of multiple handles without switching mediums
  • To expedite the resolution of complaints across all oil businesses.
  • Various oil corporations’ internal systems must be linked together.
  • Data points specific to each oil and gas company must be recorded.
  • Increased SLAs through manual workflows
  • No aggregation, grouping, or prioritization of urgent concerns.




  • UnoEngage keeps track of all handles and mediums. The customer has the same experience regardless of which handle or medium is used.
  • Sentiment, department, and priority are assigned automatically.
  • Automated assignments assist in promptly resolving complaints.
  • The rich dashboards that have been created have become the focal point of all industry meetings where the performance of all oil firms is compared, resulting in constant improvements in citizen experience.
  • Their champions could focus on their customer now that they had a defined procedure in place and the necessary technical support in place.