UnoBot for WhatsApp

Integrate your e-commerce platform, LMS, ERP, CRM resulting in sending Instant resolutions to your customer queries and provide customer support.

Why WhatsApp Chatbot?

Because your customers wants instant response from you.

Message your customers worldwide

Know the instant a message reaches your users. Real-time delivery and read receipts give you critical message delivery insights.

Build relation with your customer

Your WhatsApp brand business identity serves as a familiar face users see when you message them, increasing their trust in you and loyalty towards you.

Secured and Private conversations

WhatsApp messages are encrypted and secured over HTTPS from your application, enabling private conversations with your Customers.

How can

UnoBot WhatsApp chatbot help your brand?

Send Automated and Contextual Responses

With WhatsApp Business API, UnoBot can help integrate your e-commerce platform, LMS, ERP, CRM resulting in sending instant resolutions to your customer queries and complaints.

Excellent Lead Generation

WhatsApp has average open rate of 99 % as compared to other platforms, a message on WhatsApp has more chances of converting your lead.

Enhance your Customer Experience and Reach

Gives unified experience to your Brand’s champion to answer your customer queries, messages or feedback in real time across platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, e-Mail, YouTube, GMB, Play Store, Forums, WhatsApp and more.

Engagement Rate Scaled Up

WhatsApp being the most used platform. Increase your brand engagement with UnoBot and WhatsApp Business API.

Send Personalised Notification

Easily send targeted notifications like delivery updates, Invoices, Booking reminders, order confirmations, etc.

Transfer To A Human For High Impact Conversations

In addition, when the UnoBot feels it can’t help, it connects with live agent in no time.

More than just messaging

Want to learn more about UnoBot for WhatsApp.

Seamless integration between UnoBot & WhatsApp

Improve real-time visibility

Valuable data collection

Cost savings

Improves customer service

Process efficiency

Increased sales

Increases employee productivity

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